The Manager is committed to gender equality and equal opportunity and this commitment is incorporated in its human resource management processes. Recruitment and progressions are based on merit. As at 31 December 2016, ESR Funds Management (S) Limited had a total staff strength of 22 team members, with gender composition of 73% female and 27% male. The composition by employment category remained fairly consistent from prior years.

The manager embraces diversity and upholds equality and inclusiveness as key drivers of internal innovation and growth. The Manager’s Human Resource Management (HRM) Policy and practices are aligned and built on the key principles defined by the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices (TGFEP) and the Ministry of Manpower’s Fair Consideration Framework. As a Capital Market Services (CMS) license holder, the Manager endeavors to hire candidates that pass the rigorous due diligence checks on integrity, educational background and financial stability. The Manager also continues to conduct annual reviews to ensure that team members remain fit and proper to minimise potential risks affecting the business. In addition, all employees are given the equal opportunity to constantly upgrade their skill sets and soft skills. As at 31 December 2016, an average of 35 training hours (far exceeding FY2016 target of 20 training hours per year) were provided to each employee. The Manager also advocates fair employment practices and equal opportunity for the suppliers and contractors that it engages and has addressed a number of potential concerns relating to suppliers and contractors through gradually implementing risk mitigating measures over time.

Team Members’ Wellness and Engagement

The Manager understands that team members’ wellness is important to the sustained success of the organization. Initiatives addressing health concerns, work-life balance and flexibility in working arrangements are provided whenever possible. The following targets have been set and achieved by the Manager in FY2016:

  • Increase in participation rate in group activities to 15%, 5% higher than 2015
  • Gym participation rate of 48%, 18% higher than the target rate of 30%
  • Incorporate ergonomic office environment during the relocation project, resulting in 96.67% of team members rating the quality of furniture and work-stations at the new office as satisfactory

Other benefits (e.g. insurance cover, flexi-benefits scheme, annual team building activities) that are available to employees are regularly assessed for market competitiveness and vary based on employment level. In addition, the management ensures that communication between departments and all levels of the organization are always open in order to minimise potential conflicts or misunderstandings that can affect work performance. In FY2016, the Manager achieved an overall satisfaction rating of 79%, an increase from 2015 in its annual satisfaction survey.