Team building and community engagement goes hand in hand at CIT with the staff contributing over 1,800 corporate volunteer hours in the past three years.

In line with our commitment to help those less fortunate, we have engaged in a number of charity events, with the Manager providing monetary donations, and its employees providing volunteer services.

Since 2010, the Manager and its team members have provided financial and volunteering support to a number of local and overseas organisations that address worldwide issues: development of disabled, women and children, awareness on heart diseases and other types of cancers as well as deescalating poverty.

The Manager provided donations to Sunrise Children's Villages in Cambodia, an organisation caring for hundreds of orphaned or disadvantaged Cambodian children. They are now starting to build their Sunrise 3 building site at Sihanoukville which will house at least 30 HIV infected children.

Instead of exchanging gifts for Christmas, the employees of CIT pooled their money together and bought groceries to distribute to the Marymount Centre in Singapore. Marymount is a voluntary welfare organisation set up by the Good Shepherd Sisters, established to provide residential care to children from single parent families, or families who are unable to cope due to financial hardship. It is also a home to women who have been abused, beaten, and raped, who are attempting to put their lives back together with the help of the Centre.

The company supported Jodi Lee Foundation's cause to create awareness on colorectal cancer by sending one of its employees to cycle 1,000 km in Australia. Colorectal cancer is becoming the number one cancer in Singapore affecting mostly men over their 40s.

Aligning business objectives of growth and development with our key partner, Habitat for Humanity, we worked with Habitat for Humanity on a project called "Build A House in Batam" twice in 2012. We contributed not only in monetary terms but also had our staff head to Batam to build houses for the under-privileged.

We also sponsored and participated the Habitat-Barclays' "Bare Your Sole" barefoot walk in 2010, 2011 and 2012, bringing our family members and friends with us to further spread the word that outside Singapore, there are millions of people who are suffering and dying each year due to poverty.