Trust Structure

ESR-REIT's objective is to invest directly or indirectly in income-producing real estate and real estate related assets used mainly for industrial and warehousing purposes. It seeks to provide Unitholders with a competitive rate of return on their investments by ensuring stable, regular distributions and long-term growth in both distributions and net asset value per unit. This involves sourcing and acquiring value-enhancing assets in Asia, with an initial focus on properties in Singapore.

Property Manager

The REIT's property manager is ESR Property Management (S) Pte Ltd, which provides property management, lease management, project management, marketing and property tax services for the REIT's properties of ESR-REIT.

The Property Manager is manned by a team of committed real estate specialists whose main responsibility is to manage ESR-REIT's assets with the objective of maximising income and minimising expenses for the benefit of the REIT.