Competitive Strengths

  • Strategically located properties in key industrial zones across Singapore.
  • Diversified tenant base across the manufacturing and construction, engineering, services, logistics and warehousing sectors as a built-in hedge against any one sector.
  • Generic assets with high building specifications such as high floor loading, high ceiling heights and wide column spans.
  • Long lease terms of five to fifteen years provide stability for Unitholders.
  • Built-in rental escalations to provide organic growth.
  • High levels of security deposits< of about 8 months per tenant.
  • Robust occupancy - Near full occupancy of all the properties within ESR-REIT's portfolio.
  • Low capital maintenance and utility expenses which keep operating costs at manageable levels over the duration of the leases.
  • Pro-active asset management resulting in maximisation of Unitholder's return and capital growth.