Property Manager

CIT's property manager is Cambridge Industrial Property Management Pte Ltd, which provides property management, lease management, project management, marketing and property tax services for the properties of CIT.

The Property Manager is manned by a team of committed real estate specialists whose main responsibility is to manage CIT's assets with the objective of maximising income and minimising expenses for the benefit of CIT.

The Property Manager is led by the Head of Real Estate, who works closely with the Board members to define, recommend and execute operational, capital improvement and asset enhancement initiatives, that is in tandem with the Manager's investment objectives.

Michael Long
Head of Developments

Mr Long joined the CIT Property Manager in August 2011 as Development Manager and promoted as Head of Developments in May 2013. Mr Long reports to the CEO and is responsible for implementing the strategic goals and objectives for development projects, and subsequently providing the direction and leadership necessary to achieve them. He has over 20 years of experience in the real estate development and construction industry from an array of sectors including large scale industrial, residential, commercial and retail projects.

Prior to joining the Property Manager, Mr Long was the Senior Project Manager for Confluence Project Management in Singapore and Lend Lease in Singapore, London and Sydney.

Mr Long holds a Clerk Of Works, Building Diploma from Sydney TAFE and is an active member of the Project Managers Institute of Australia.